LSU Research and Technology Foundation

The LSU Research & Technology Foundation (RTF) was founded in 2002.  The RTF has three areas of focus: (1) Assist Louisiana universities with technology transfer; (2) Assist start-up technology with access to capital; and (3) Help provide infrastructure to assist with the development of university research

The Louisiana Emerging Technology Center

As part of its mission, the RTF built and manages the Louisiana Emerging Technology Center (LETC), designed specifically as an incubator for companies with wet-lab needs, serves small and start-up businesses developing and commercializing university technologies.

Tenants in the 64,000 sq.ft. facility focus on the biotechnology, life sciences, agricultural and environmental industries. Beyond lab and office space, tenants receive business and technical assistance such as access to funding sources, legal resource and professional consulting, administrative staff and services, plus the ambiance of an established company.

For more information on how you can secure a home for your start-up or early stage company in the LETC, please call:

Tony Lombardo
Acting CEO
LSU Research and Technology Foundation